CLM Consulting on Precious Metal Refining and Recovery S.r.l. is a company with registered office in Arezzo (Italy).
The Company is specialized in consulting for refining and recovery precious metals such as Gold, Silver and PGM (Platinum Group Metals). Copper is also included.
CLM Consulting Staff possess advanced scientific and technical knowledge coupled with a long, more than 30 years, practical experience. This peculiar mixture between science, technology and practice allow the CLM Consulting to offer a wide range of services according with the customer’s needs.

Process analysis, engineering of new plants, plant revamping, plant test, plant start-up, personnel training are among services that CLM Consulting can provide.

Indeed the CLM Consulting is the ideal partner for:

  • Plants for Gold and Silver recovery and refining
  • Plants for PGM (Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium) recovery and refining;
  • Plants for Electrolytic Copper Refining and ‘anodic slime’ treatment;
  • Plants for incineration material from jewelry companies, electronic scrapes, industrial catalysts etc.;
  • Plants for metallurgic treatments of ashes and alloys, induction and oxy-combustion furnaces;
  • Laboratories for precious metals analysis;
  • Plants for preparation of precious metals salts to be used in galvanic baths
  • Plants waste treatments, plants for fumes treatments.

The CLM Consulting Staff is always supplemented by tight collaboration with professional technicians experts in electro mechanics and plants engineering.


To offer advanced technology and scientific support in the Precious Metals recovery and refining international industry is the main goal of CLM Consulting.

Whenever possible CLM Consulting promote Green Chemistry, thus making chemical processes more eco-compatible and less energy demanding.

Always much attention is paid to safety and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).